In September 2017 Dave, from Life and Sole Gym in Forres, made a welcome return visit to our monthly meeting in Room 14 at the AGB Hub at Moray College in Elgin.  Dave showed us some more exercises to do using therabands and also gave us some valuable information on how to cope with our individual problems.  Dave's easy style will no doubt ensure a return visit in the future.

On Friday, 24th November 2017 members were treated to a wonderful talk and demonstration on modern-day physiotherapy.  Andrew Jones talked about the Pain Pathway, and the Pain Gate.  Andrew labels himself a 'Physiotherapist' on his business card but proved he is much more than that.
He gave the 14 members a very informative talk and answered the numerous questions put to him by the fully engaged audience.   He then demonstrated his skill with member Roz Mackenzie who is one of his patients. 
At his sessions, long gone are the old physio methods of making you contort into painful positions whilst still trying to breathe and where screaming is not allowed. Instead there is a period of chatting just to find out how you are emotionally and how life is affecting you. Then its onto the treatment which could be acupuncture, cupping, massage or gentle exercises.   Here's a link to his website at:

In the photo above are: (Top Row - left to right):
​Paul Cameron, Aileen Campbell MSP 
(Second Row - left to right):
Catriona Gray, Chris Bridgeford, Alison Riddoch and Roz Mackenzie.

Also at the meeting was Administration Team Member Karen Gess.

Welcome to our Scrapbook  where you can see what we've been up to since the day we started.

What Happened in 2017

At the beginning of November 2017 the new Affa Sair Administration Team met with the Public Health Minister Aileen Campbell MSP and the National Pain
Co-ordinator Dr Paul Cameron, at Knockomie Hotel in Forres for a meeting first suggested by Richard Lochhead MSP earlier in the year.

In the meeting Aileen and Paul heard from the team about the work of Affa Sair and  the need for procedures to be carried out at Dr Gray's Hospital in Elgin instead of forcing chronics to a 150 mile return journey to and from Aberdeen.  

Both Aileen and Paul took away lists of questions which they undertook to have replies for by our next monthly meeting at the end of the month.  

​Paul also agreed to act as a Liaison between Affa Sair and the Public Health Minister rather than us dealing with the Strategic Planning and Critical Priorities Section.  We felt it a successful and welcome meeting which will only enhance our reputation at the Scottish Government.

In May 2017, and only two years on since forming the group, Chris was able to chat to First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and Deputy Leader of the SNP Group Angus Robertson all about affa sair.

Ms Sturgeon took one of our new brochures away with her and promised to read it.  She was extremely interested in the group and pleased that we have a meeting with the Public Health Minister, Aileen Campbell MSP promised for later in the year.

Chris was delighted that after only two years, awareness of the group had reached the highest Civil Leader in our Country - an honour no matter which party you prefer.

On 20th December 2017 we held our second Christmas Party.  There was a good turnout to the afternoon and it was really pleasing to see some new members there. 

I hope they weren't put off by all the fun and food and will come back to our new series of meetings next year.

Here are a selection of photos showing some of the nonsense we got up to.

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