​​​Meeting Dates - 2018


Speaker's Topic


22nd February, 2018

Dial-a-Bus & Glasgow Residential Treatment


23rd March. 2018

Caroline Thomson, Complementary Therapist


23rd April. 2018

HandyPerson Services


31st May, 2018

Blue Badge Scheme


29th June, 2018

Dr Paul Cameron - National Pain Coordinator


25th July, 2018

Vic Stokes - Massage Therapy​

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The meetings are held in Room 14 of the Alexander Graham Bell Hub at Moray College, Moray Street, Elgin IV30 1JS

Meetings start at 1:00pm with Guest Speakers starting around 1:30pm

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Thanks to Dr Gray's Management, facilities featuring a whiteboard, overhead projector, PC and kitchen facilities have been made available to us in
Room 14, Alexander Graham Bell Hub at Moray College, Elgin  

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