The Administration Team

​Chris has help in running the Group from a great Admin Team.  The Team are:

Alison Riddoch, Administrator

My likesπŸ‘©
I love spending time with my family,  taking my dog Tia for a walk when I can; Chatting with friends, I really enjoy meeting up with them for a cuppa or lunch as it always cheers me up; I love baking and sharing it with everyone; My garden & greenhouse which is my little sanctuary; Alternative therapies; Going for a drive listening to music as long as it's not repetitive & head nipping I'm a 🀠country girl at heart πŸ˜„
My dislikesπŸ™Š
Having an invisible illness & being in chronic pain 24/7 😭; Not being able to work; Taking medication; Feeling useless & frustrated at not being able to do everyday things; Constantly being late for thing's as I forget it takes me so much longer to get dressed and organised; Politics; People who talk over you;  Liars; Bullies & bullshitters to name but a few.πŸ€”

Roz Mackenzie, Moderator

Catriona Gray, Moderator

Venita Maclean, Moderator

I hate chronic pain and having to go on long journeys.


​Karen Gess, Moderator

I am from Inverness (originally born in Glasgow but moved when I was 6 weeks old) and now live in Elgin.

I have the following conditions PTSD; chronic widespread pain; chronic fatigue; unknown allergies. 
​I am awaiting a confirmed diagnoses on my chronic pain.


I love gardening; art projects; my children; my car (Paws); cleaning; and my cat


(In no particular order lol, I dislike bullies, bad manners, dishonesty, people who pout in photos, fake tan and uncleanliness

With everyone having a condition resulting in Chronic Pain, the combined knowledge of the Team guarantees that members can rely on a large pool of understanding about daily living with chronic pain conditions.  They also show what can be achieved by a group of good people bonding together to help others.

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​I'm originally from Buckie and Now live in Elgin.
I suffer from chronic pain caused by joint hypermobility syndrome amongst various other related conditions and mental illness.
Chocolate; spending time with Brodie the golden retriever; horse riding; playing video games; studying with Open University
Housework, chronic pain, and Open university deadlines

Hi.  I'm originally from Dufftown  and I live in Rothes.
I have fibromyalgia  & so am in constant chronic pain.
I like meeting up with my friends for coffee or lunch; doing the garden when not in pain;  listening to music; spending time with my family.
Being in pain all the time

I'm originally from Glasgow but have been in Moray since the age of 5.  I live in Buckie with my hubby, 2 son's and my wee pooch Tia. 

I had an RTA 13 years ago causing me to damage my thoracic muscles I have thoracic outlet syndrome & also nerve damage on my upper right torso because of the RTA.  I have also developed Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) and suffer with depression, anxiety/panic attacks, allodynia, costochonditris, sciatica, migraines, endometriosis, hiatus hernia, polycystic ovaries, fatigue, IBS, OCD. 

Gee! when I read this I'm a bit of a wreck actually . 😁🀣

I am originally from South Wales but have moved around with hubby's job in the Forces.  I have been living in Elgin since 2003.   I have chronic pain throughout my body and nerve damage in my back, fibromyalgia, arthritis, chronic pain, kneecap pain that also affects my walking and depression.
I like being in my bed as I know I am safe; I love going out with my friends for coffee β˜•οΈ and cake πŸŽ‚; that helps with my laughing therapy and it helps my mental health; I like being with good friends; music 🎢; going on holiday; Pop concerts; going for meals out; talking to friends on Facebook and being me I'm not going to change. 

Chris Bridgeford - Our Founder

  • .

  • ​
  • He was granted Burgess of The Royal Burgh of Forres for his service to the local community.  
  • He first experienced chronic pain in 1978 when he was diagnosed with Sacroiliitis, thereafter Ankylosing Spondylitis.  He never conformed to the medical books of the day and after much to-ing and fro-ing and disbelief, he was eventually diagnosed in only 2004 with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.  Along with this came Allodynia and Costochondritis and all the other joys of Opioids, Brain Fog, Bowel problems and Exhaustion.
  • In 1995 Chris had an aortal-femoral bypass on his left leg and angioplasty on his right.  He had to have his gallbladder removed through a cholecystectomy and there followed numerous incisional hernia repairs with the one in 2004 where things went badly wrong and he lost 9 units of blood and nearly his life.  There followed numerous bouts of depression until 2014 when things got better.  During that time he also developed Diabetes now controlled by insulin and tablets.
  • With his confidence restored, Chris decided to form an on-line support group for chronic pain sufferers and to try to get pain services returned to Dr Gray’s Hospital in Elgin.  So on 14th April 2015 Affa Sair was born.

Likes: Scottish Politics;  Scottish Independence;  Strong Women;  Reiki;  The Roman Period;  Science Fiction;  American TV Shows;  Gerry Anderson Series;
Most Music;  Prog Rock;  Good Vocalists e.g. Ella Fitzgerald, Adele, Van Morrison, Gregory Porter.
Dislikes: Bureaucracy;  Bullies;  Manipulators;  Religion;  Discrimination;  Bad Grammar;  Bad Spelling;  Football,  Drunks; Whitney Houston; The Beatles; Traditional Country Music; Reality TV.

​Chris was born and bred in Forres in Moray and has lived there all his life.  He was educated at Applegrove Primary School and Forres Academy after which he joined Bank of Scotland in 1976 taken early medical retirement in 1995.  He ended his days there as an Assistant to the Senior Manager, battling with Balance Sheets, Cash Flow Projections, Securities, and lots of the new-fangled "word processing" with Windows 3.1 and Office 2.0!
In the 1980s he presented monthly and weekly radio shows with local radio station Moray Firth Radio.  He was a member of Forres Community Council for ten years mainly serving as secretary.  He has also been secretary of Forres In Bloom, Forres Golf Course Board of Management and latterly Friends of the Falconer Museum for approximately twelve years.  He is a self-confessed computer nerd with Apple Macs being his preferred system after he got bored with Windows in the early 2000s