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Pace yourself

If you’ve had a chronic illness or pain condition for a while, you probably have heard about the need to pace your activities to prevent flare ups of symptoms. Many of us struggle with overdoing it and then 

Dry Eyes and Chronic Pain

Dry eye is a medical condition suffered by those whose eyes either don’t produce sufficient tears or they are
of poor quality. Without sufficient lubrication for these eyes, they are also not being nourished properly and
those afflicted with this condition can have a burning or stinging sensation that’s extremely uncomfortable.

Why is Pain so Hard to Measure - and Treat?

Following an episode of pancreatitis and laparoscopic removal of her gallbladder, as I watched my wife
grimace and clench her teeth and let slip little cries of anguish until a long regimen of combined ibuprofen and
codeine finally conquered the pain, several questions came into my head.