The Stairway to Chinese Relaxation

I had a fantastic Chinese Acupuncture Treatment recently. I have had acupuncture before, but it was Western Acupuncture from a GP. The chap who came along to talk at our May meeting did the honours with the Chinese variety. When James Adams walked into the meeting room at Moray College in Elgin, I immediately picked up on his strong, kind and healing energy. "This is someone I must get to treat me", I thought. After a bit of a dodgy journey upstairs to his treatment room at Healthworks in Forres, on my poor sore feet and legs, James took a medical and life history. This included taking pulses and looking at my tongue! He then thought about what treatment he was going to give me and talked over it with me.

Now, the problem with myself and many of us chronics, is the pain we feel when anything touches our skin. I didn't have to worry as it turned out. James used the thinnest needles available, together with me using a breathing technique he quickly taught me, and away we went. Before I knew it, there were needles in my toes, ankle, shoulders, neck and head. I did get a wee bit dizzy at one stage but James just decided not to put any more needles in the back of my neck and the dizziness stopped. Any pain there was, was quite bearable and only lasted for a couple of seconds.

I should say at this stage that I didn't have to get up and lie down on a treatment bed. Everything was done whilst I sat in a comfortable armchair. There was some strong pain after a wee while at the back of my ankle. This was clearly the acupuncture releasing something at my ankle and the pain soon subsided after a minute or so. I can't believe I had put this off for so many years because I assumed the needles would hurt so much.

What really amazed me was that the whole treatment was incredibly relaxing. I haven't been so relaxed since my very first Reiki treatment. The whole diagnoses and treatment lasted one and a half hours and I felt far easier walking out of the treatment than I did on going in.

That evening, my left leg in particular felt very loose and 'swak' (to use that good Doric word). I did get a bit of headache later in the evening but I slept better than I have in years. In fact, I slept all Monday night and was quite out of it on Tuesday. I didn't need my usual afternoon kip today (Wednesday) and didn't drop off in the evening much to Rosie's delight. I am definitely going back.

James Adam, who has treatment rooms in both Forres and Elgin, can be contacted at