Who bends first - NHS or Patient?

Well friends, I was having a very nice day, sitting in summerhouse chatting away to a good friend who was busily feeding the cats treats she took with her.   (Think these made them throw up at Christmas - so fun & noises to look forward to later.)  This was the first time we had been able to get together since February, the sun was shining and even the cold breeze had died down, so it was an extremely pleasant morning.After a lunch of two bits of buttered toast, the phone goes and it's the Diabetic Nurse telling me I will have to go on to insulin. That comes as no surprise as we talked about it a couple of weeks ago. What pissed me off big time is the absolute insistence that I need to see the Diabetic Dietician who is based in Elgin (12 miles away) and, it seems, goes nowhere.  I've been over this time and time again with them and have had to cancel every appointment I've ever gotten from the Dietician 'cos, of course, I'm too bloody sore to get there when it suits the NHS appointment system. At the heart of all this is a total lack of understanding of us chronics and how much extra pain we have to go through every time we step outside the bedroom, far less the house. Now, clearly the NHS can't please every single patient and especially awkward sods like me, but for goodness sake, its the 21st century, can't the NHS get to grips with telephone conversations or skype and other video social media. Who is the NHS geared for?   Is it the Patients, the Staff, the Management or the Politicians' ultimately meaningless number tracking and crunching; figures the Politicians throw about at each other to blind the electorate who easily tire of such things and switch off, arguably to the joy of the Politicians who are then under less scrutiny. Anyone would think I'm bitter and twisted. Rant over - and the bloody sun's gone in now.