Still the unfittest but there's a step up

Day 2 at Gym today.
I was feeling bloody awful last night and this morning. I took ages to decide to go the Gym but after a good talking too by myself was glad I did.
It started off pretty badly with ridiculous spasms in my backside and leg. It was hell all through warm up but I just took things really easily as Dave keeps saying. Sure enough, by the time I was half way through the hour things were getting a lot easier.
We were down to only four of us - nothing to do with my personality - and it's still a friendly wee group. Dave was joined today by his daughter Molly who has the family trait of smiling a lot! She was very helpful with me and took the chair to me pretty quickly and even without asking in the end. I've got past the embarrassment of it. No one bothers and are probably too busy concentrating with their own routines to be worried about the young spazz in their midst.
We had a lovely new piece of equipment today to play with. It was a ski machine. Now this doesn't mean you take off down a slope but, in my case, I was able to sit in my chair and pull down on the cables while the fan whirrs away as you pull the the cables. I do enjoy chest muscle stuff. Find it easier than the rest to be honest.
I had a personal best.
On the second time on the steps for me I managed to use the big step - wah hey!  I used it twice 'cos I miss out the squatting routine on the circuit.  I even managed to be more co-ordinated with my two legs and a stick.
My brain wasn't up to co-ordinating things in the warm up and cool down stages though. This "move an arm and opposite or same leg at same time" just doesn't commute for my addled brain. I do find it funny but also frustrating if I'm honest.
I must've been working harder as my tee shirt was pretty soaked through today. Too much information I know but at least I'm not telling you what else was sweaty.
I had a superb acupuncture session in the afternoon with James. I could tell he was well surprised when I told him I'd been to the gym. I made it up the stairs easier too. There were a lot more needles involved this time as I spoke about the cognitive troubles I'm having more and more. Chinese medicine speaks about a blockage of chi reaching the brain. Makes sense to me with my Reiki background. There were only a couple of needles which hurt a wee bit. Worst for me was when James holds my arms to measure pulses. Just my body's own special way of reacting to allodynia (being abnormally sensitive to touch or other sensation). I thought my arm was ready to snap at one point. My way of dealing with it is to throw Reiki at it. Works for me.
The hour sped by especially as I was well unconscious after a few minutes of all the needles going in. Unfortunately, the next client rang the doorbell to announce her presence and I felt the need to change my underwear.
Made it home, straight to bed woke up 3 hours later when Rosie rang to say she was just on her way home.
A good day all in all.
Only blighted by stress in arranging the Bowen Therapy Taster Sessions for Affa Sair group on Saturday. Gawd, I used to be able to do these things in my sleep.
Ach chronic pain works in insidious ways does it not......