An Afternoon With Bowen

Last Saturday, ‘affa sair’, had its first weekend meeting. The Group had been offered a Taster Session on Bowen Therapy by local practitioner Maurizia Ferrari. ( ).

The Bowen Technique is a gentle soft tissue therapy, it is one of the most fascinating therapies available which does not use adjustment or manipulation to gain results. There were 10 sessions of approximately 20 minutes each, using three therapy beds and one padded chair in a room at the Alexander Graham Bell Centre in Moray College.

The centre has been jointly funded by Moray College UHI, HIE, NHS Grampian and EU, and provides a principle research, education and continuing professional development (CPD) facility for the life science sector in the North East of Scotland. The centre, is jointly occupied by Moray College and NHS Grampian with NHS Grampian allowing ‘affa sair’ free accommodation for their monthly meetings.

Maurizia had spoken at one of the Group’s monthly meetings and was so popular with members that they (figuratively) leapt at the chance to have a taster session at a nominal price with half the cost being met by the chronic pain support group.

So that those members having a treatment were left in peace, the waiting ladies, and one man, remained in a break-out area just outside the door of the treatment room. Maurizia later described the waiting area as having a very Mediterranean bar-like atmosphere hearing the people having fun and laughing. Such was the happy atmosphere that many members stayed there all day from 12 – 4:30pm. Normally chronic pain sufferers are in a rush to leave as the pain becomes more and more unbearable.

To say that the afternoon was a success is an understatement.  A week on, those who took part are still finding benefits from the short treatment, on conditions which in some cases have defied improvement for many years.  Here are some of the comments made by the ‘affa sair’ members.

Had a good sleep last night. Woke up this morning refreshed and without pain in my leg. Have not been nodding off today, so all has been good.

I was relaxed afterwards, but a wave of dizziness, no exhaustion, suddenly hit me just after I walked out and then went away as suddenly as it came. I definitely had more energy yesterday evening. I am less tired - it's more than I'm just having a good day for me, and yesterday evening I was unusually untired. Pain wise it's less than just after treatment, and the nagging ache I'm used to isn't there. The intensity of the pain isn't much lower than usual), …… but the type of pain is very different.

Weirdly, during treatment in the rest bits, it often felt like an electric shock - very much as if I was using a TENS unit on lowest setting. I could feel something going on between the different bits that had just been prodded, as if the nerves were joining up the dots.

I did not go to bed when I got home, I chilled. Hubby made dinner, I went to bed after 12 and got up at 11 :30 this morning and still feeling tired now, so will chill yet again. I also felt calm and in a good mood; again, I say fab group and lovely ladies and gents.

When I woke this morning, two hours later than normal,  my usually sore feet were extremely cold and felt hollow inside. Took ages to warm up. My knees are still well and I felt more energised than usual.

I felt super relaxed afterwards and thought I would sleep but even though I was relaxed and had more energy, I slept very well last night. I thought Maurizia was so gentle and effective and I genuinely felt like she had something in her hand, like a heated sphere and that felt unbelievably good and very soothing. Thank you so much for organizing this and for Maurizia giving up her time for us. First Saturday in a loooong time I have actually left the house for something besides shopping.

Enjoyed everyone's company. Today was really good.

Yes I feel great the night. Not sore getting out my seat. I think it's helped me.

I think I will sleep like a baby the night.