Pain-induced Rambling

This promises to be a long one so bear with me – especially the newcomers, not used to the wanderings of my mind. So then, today.  Well, brain pretty much firing non-stop. Body definitely not. Increased pain abounds.  It’s totally everywhere from toes to hair on my head and all points in between.  Take it that this is all due to my three days of meetings. Yesterday’s (with the Scottish Government guy) being the most enjoyable and possibly most important in the greater scheme of things, but the previous two being totally necessary for my personal life.

Now, the pain bit. Feet are definitely one of the worse bits. This isn't helped by my diabetic problems.  They are also affected badly by the body-covering allodynia (increased skin sensitivity). Shins are their usual agony and knees totally off the scale despite covering them in lidocaine infused patches since last evening. The jiggly bits in the middle we’ll leave alone for decency’s sake and so, onto the abdomen which is today bothered with the multi-factorial and spasmodic pain of CRPS, adhesions and IBS type problems; the chest with the lovely choice of rib cage and sternum joys thanks to costochondritis; hands, wrists arms and shoulders are all crying out with their problems of CRPS, circulation, eczema and self-induced pain of being daft with sharp blade on Tuesday - trying to fix a garden hose. Shoulder blades and collar bone are literally breathtakingly sore thanks to CRPS and then neck with its unusual sharp pain of something or other; mouth and teeth are making themselves known, thanks to the continuing battle with mouth ulcers and ultra-sensitive teeth; then the annoying nose with its problems from the CPAP facemask used to combat sleep apnoea; itchy, dry eyes and ears.  Finally sore hair thanks to ……… CRPS. That’s the body covered then.

My mind is unusually active (as you have no doubt worked out by now) though battling exhaustion at same time. An interesting combination. Ach well, at least it’s a wee bit sunny though rain is expected by about 3 o’clock.

I could’ve sworn there was something else I was gonna mention but I’ve forgotten what it was now. Something to do with SNP/Tory battle I think. It’s great of Alison and Roz to step up and take charge of today’s meeting (1pm in Room AGB14 of Moray College) so a heartfelt thanks for that ladies.  I’ll try and give you more notice next time (which could be sooner than you think or hope). Don't worry though - the most important bit about today’s meeting has been taken care of as getting the key for the coffee and eats cupboard has been sorted.

Seriously guys (and I mean guys) we need you to help us out occasionally too. I know there are few of you but you would enjoy our meetings and help me tackle the oestrogen overflow in the room. It’s a thankless task trying to put the testosterone-fuelled superior point of view across at times. The ladies are good at the coffee and cake stuff.   Ahem……..

Well that’s me finished rambling for today.  Enjoy the meeting, if you’re going.  Do let the other members know what happened there.