Andrew Jones Physiotherapist Visits

On Friday, 24th November 2017 members were treated to a wonderful talk and demonstration on modern-day physiotherapy.  Andrew Jones talked about the Pain Pathway, and the Pain Gate.  Andrew labels himself a 'Physiotherapist' on his business card but proved he is much more than that.
He gave the 14 members a very informative talk and answered the numerous questions put to him by the fully engaged audience.   He then demonstrated his skill with member Roz Mackenzie who is one of his patients. 
At his sessions, long gone are the old physio methods of making you contort into painful positions whilst still trying to breathe and where screaming is not allowed. Instead there is a period of chatting just to find out how you are emotionally and how life is affecting you. Then its onto the treatment which could be acupuncture, cupping, massage or gentle exercises.   Here's a link to his website at:

mark macleod