Press Coverage Spring 2018

Spring 2018 was a bit of a busy time with a few articles in the Press and Journal, the most read paper in the North East of Scotland.

In the first article on 14th February 2018, Chris told of the broken promises by Scottish Government Public Health Minister Aileen Campbell in not answering questions from Affa Sair.

In the second article on 12th March 2018, Chris was arguing that only giving £35,000 out of a windfall one-off payment from the Scottish Government of £4.2million for waiting list reduction was far too little and wondered where the rest of the money was going, Affa Sair Member Brenda Carnegie also told of the long waiting time endured by her.

On 8th April 2018, both Alison and Chris were the subjects of a very good article on what it's like to live with chronic pain in the weekend magazine from the Press and Journal.  

mark macleod