Our monthly meeting in February was on Thursday 22nd February.  It was a brilliant meeting.  I thoroughly enjoyed meeting our new members.  We had such a laugh which was great for taking our minds off our pain for a while.   Laughter is such a great medicine!  

Stevie from Dial-a-Bus wanted to sit and listen to us all day he certainly got an eye-opener into how we deal with chronic pain.   He didn't expect to laugh so much he said.😄 He gave us some great info about the service.  Hopefully, we as a group will be able to utilize this service!   If you have a bus pass this great service is free for you to use.  You can book up to a month in advance giving them 24 hours notice for a door to door service!  It sounds like a really good opportunity for anyone who requires transport in our local area.  They have zones which I'll hopefully manage to add more information about soon.  Here is the link to their page on the Council website:  Dial-a-Bus


We also had a talk from Laura giving us a good insight into the residential 3-week course that can be accessed and offered through the pain clinic.  It's available for people who meet the criteria and who are living with chronic pain.  It lets you gain coping mechanisms to try and reduce your pain levels!  It sounds a really good course which you could ask your Consultant about next time you manage to get an appointment.

We also had cakes - which always helps banish the pain levels😊 I thoroughly enjoyed my Malteser slice ❤  Ros so did my sons but unfortunately for my husband Eric, he was too slow.  You snooze you lose in this house.   Me and the pooch shared his one - Tia's treat was the Malteser slice😁

Toodles for now - Alison

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