Being distracted might just make you feel better.

I imagine a fair amount of you are having an unsettled spell of increased pain just now. The ups and downs of our weather systems can play havoc with our pain levels. 

Unfortunately, there is little that has been proven to work but I put a lot of faith into "distraction" therapies when it's like this.  Some of what I'm about to write sounds daft but give them a chance.

You can start with simple distractions like getting engrossed in a really good book; listen to your favourite music on headphones so you can play it loud and get lost in the lyrics or the melody; make yourself concentrate on a hobby you may have like some DIY, sewing, cross-stitching, decoupage, model building, genealogy etc.

For me, I find I can cope better with my pain if I'm engrossed in some computer work. I used to spend hours and hours writing code for websites and I can still while away the time editing graphics or photos.  Before I know it a whole morning or afternoon has gone by.  The pain is still there but it has been beaten into the background and I haven't put extra damaging chemicals into my system.

Give it a try.

There is nothing to lose except maybe being dictated to by your pain.

May your bedcovers not hurt you tonight,
and may your pain lessen enough t to
let sleep come your way.