The Wee Hemp Company
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On 31st August 2018, The Wee Hemp Company came along to our monthly meeting at Moray College to tell us about their company and products.

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They are based in Aberdeen and believe in a natural, sustainable & ethical approach to life. They are unapologetic, unashamed, uncompromising in their journey to obtaining & maintaining optimal health & wellbeing. Rebecca and Calum took along products for the members to sample and have said they are keen to do an actual Wee Pop-Up Shop event in Elgin soon.

That would be a great idea with CBD Products having been highlighted in the media this years. Seems strange that the Government is willing to let us use man-made chemicals to try and alleviate our pain but not keen on natural ones! Maybe the drugs companies are not keen on this as their profits would be affected - perish the thought!