So long ....... farewell ....... fighting back

An inordinately long time since I wrote anything on here.  Life has fairly got in the way since my last scribblings.

I proved to myself that, yet again, my judgment of people is flawed, very flawed.  I made this worse by allowing myself to be manipulated for a couple of years by a devious, vicious and ultimately sad individual.  No point dwelling on it here suffice to say that to make up for my error a group of good souls came to my rescue.

You know that old saying that you should never meet your heroes.  Well, sadly I've discovered its true.  I was so excited to have the chance of bringing the plight of chronics and the existence of Affa Sair to the Ministerial level of the Scottish Government.  Unfortunately, the excitement has turned to disappointment and frustration at the incompetence and brass-necked untruths emanating from Ministers and Civil Servants.  A whole cottage industry has arisen out of the suffering of one-fifth of the population.  Charged with gathering information and reporting on the use of scarce resources these mandarins have built their empires under a sloppy Government caring little for people's pain but more for blinding or boring the media and electorate with impenetrable statistics.  A problem which affects around 20% of the country has been flung into the dark, back-of-the-cupboard department of Public Health and Sport.  This cobbled together ministry is now just run by unelected civil servants who don't equate their beloved statistics with people who are suffering unbearable pain every day of their lives.

There is a slim hope that things may improve with the recent Cabinet reshuffle which saw the last incumbent of the Ministerial role promoted upwards in a move again more to appease the Goddess of Equality than the God of Ability.  Here's hoping Joe Fitzpatrick treats those of us north of Perth with more respect and equality with our Central Belt neighbours.