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Welcome to the safest place on Facebook.
The only place where you can go to and scream and 
shout about what hurts you and how bad you hurt 
and nobody will hold it against you or turn their back on you.

This place is full of ready-made hugs, as much as you need.
This place has a corner you can sit in and have a good cry, 
only to find the room is a circle and that the people around you 
all have hankies at hand to wipe your tears.

This place has so many ears linked to kind hearts.
Yes, if you are ill this is the safest place on Facebook for you.

Angela O'Brien-McConnell

​​     'Fit Like'     






"Affa Sair," literally means 'awfully sore' in English.  It is pronounced "affa sayer." 

Like most Scots words it sounds exactly how the sufferer feels - try it.

affa sair is a closed Facebook Group meaning that only members can view the posts and comment on them.

It was formed so that chronic pain sufferers in Moray could express their feelings and find others in the same situation.


​​The affa sair monthly meetings, with guest speakers, are exclusive to members.

They are held on a different day each month in:

Room 14, Alexander Graham Bell Hub,

Moray College, Elgin, Moray, IV30 1JS​​